Botchan cover



The most famous and widely read of Sōseki's works, this novel starts with anecdotes from Botchan's rash and reckless school days. The story then shifts into a hilarious account of his ill-fated first job, a teaching assignment far from Tokyo in "barbaric" small-town Shikoku.

Sanshiro cover



The charming story of Sanshirō, a young man who arrives from the country to study at the University of Tokyo. Passive by nature and just beginning to explore life's possibilities, Sanshirō cautiously samples the offerings of his new environment: the big city, elite academia, and captivating young ladies.

Kokoro cover



A young student forms a friendship with an enigmatic older man, whom he refers to as 'Sensei.' Over time, and finally through a long confessional letter, the younger man comes to know of Sensei's past and to understand the reasons behind his eccentric demeanor.

Ten Nights of Dreams cover

Ten Nights of Dreams


A series of ten dreams set in various times and touching on various themes. 1st Night - 100 years' vigil; 2nd night - the priest and the samurai; 3rd night - child of stone; 4th night - the old man with the snake; 5th Night - racing against the dawn; 6th night - rendering Niō; 7th night - voyage to somewhere; 8th night - the barber shop; 9th night - a mother's story; 10th night - the demise of Shōtarō

Buncho cover



A solitary writer, prone to musing on a beautiful woman he once knew, toils away in his cold study to complete a novel. At the urging of a friend, he takes a bunchō (Japanese rice sparrow) as a pet. The story traces his relationship with the bird, from initial apprehension, to fascination, to indifference, and finally, to tragic neglect.

The Tower of London cover

The Tower of London


An impressionistic account of the author's sole excursion to the Tower of London during his two years of study abroad in the city. A mix of memories from the visit and fantasies evoked by the sights and sounds and history of the site.