The Tower of London Study Guide 8

Practice text with full furigana

Rough translation

Passing beneath the Bloody Tower, I emerged into a lovely courtyard. The ground is higher in its center, and on that rise stands the White Tower. The White Tower is the oldest structure within the Tower grounds, and in ancient times it served as the keep. It measures about 24 by 36 yards in depth and breadth. Its height is 30 yards, and its walls are 15 feet thick. There are turrets at each corner, and a number of crenels, dating from the Norman-period, can still be seen. It was in this tower, in 1399, that the citizenry assailed Richard II with thirty three grievances and demanded his abdication. It was here that he stood before priests, nobles, soldiers, and lawyers and proclaimed his abdication to all the world. In that time Henry, the next in line for the throne, rose and made the sign of the cross over his forehead and chest. "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I, Henry, of rightful blood, with the grace of God and support of beloved compatriots, do humbly receive the crown and sovereign reign of the Kingdom of England." What became thereafter of the former king was known to but precious few. When his lifeless body was delivered from Pontefract Castle to St. Paul's Cathedral, some twenty thousand thronged in and were shocked by the emaciated contenance. According to some, Richard was accosted by eight assassins. He seized the axe of one and used it to cut him down. He then felled two more, but a single blow from behind, at the hand of Exton, proved his bitter end. Others turn to heaven and swear, "Not so. Richard refused to eat, ending his life on his own terms." In either case, his life did not end well. The history of sovereigns is a tragic one.

It's said the Walter Raleigh, during his imprisonment, penned his History of the World in one of the downstairs rooms. I tried to imagine him, in Elizabethan breeches, with silk stockings fastened at his knees, crossing his left leg over his right and tilting his head as he pushed his quill pen cross the page. I was not able, however, to visit the room.


血塔けっとう Bloody Towerした below; beneathけて pass throughむこう beyond; the other sideる come out; emerge奇麗きれいな lovely; fair; pleasant広場ひろば public square; open space; courtyard真中まんなか middle; centerすこし a little; a bitたかい high; built upところ place; position白塔はくとう White Tower塔中とうちゅう within the Towerふるき old; ancientむかし long ago; ancient times天主てんしゅ castle tower; keep; donjonたて front-to-back二十間にじゅっけん 12 ken (about 22 meters; about 24 yards)よこ breadthwise十八間じゅうはっけん 18 ken (about 33 meters; about 36 yards)たかさ height十五間じゅうごけん 15 ken (about 27 meters, about 30 yards)かべ wallsあつさ thickness一丈五尺いちじょうごしゃく 1 jō and 5 shaku (about 4.5 meters; about 15 feet)四方しほう four directions; four sides角楼すみやぐら corner towers; corner turretsそびえて rise; soar所々ところどころに in placesノーマン時代じだい Norman period (1066-1400's)銃眼じゅうがん embrasure; crenel; loophole (opening for firing from within)える are visible; can be seenせん三百さんびゃく九十九きゅうじゅうくねん the year 1399国民こくみん citizenry; people三十三さんじゅうさんじょう 33 articles; 33 items fault; flaw; failingげて raise; citeリチャード二世にせい Richard II譲位じょうい abdication僧侶そうりょ priests; monks貴族きぞく nobles; aristocrats武士ぶし warriors法士ほうし lawyers; legal counselまえ front of; beforeって stand; appearかれ he; him天下てんか all the land; the entire nationむかって turn to; face宣告せんこくした vowed; pronounced; proclaimedとき time; occasionゆずり inheritance; bequestけたる receive; take possession ofヘンリー Henry (Henry IV)って rise; stand十字じゅうじ crossひたい foreheadむね chestして draw out; markう say; state; pronounceちち Father Son聖霊せいれい Holy Spirit nameれ I大英国だいえいこく Kingdom of England王冠おうかん crown; diadem御代みよ sovereign reignただしき proper; righteous; lawful blood(line); consanguinityめぐみ graceかみ God親愛しんあいなる dear; belovedとも friends; companionsたすけ assistance; supportりて employ; draw onく receive through succession先王せんおう prior king; preceding king運命うんめい destiny; fate何人なんびと all; many (people)る know; be privy toもの persons死骸しがい body; corpse; remainsポント・フラクトじょう Pontefract Castleうつされて was transfered; was moved (from)セントポールでら St. Paul's Cathedralちゃくした arrived二万にまん twenty thousand群集ぐんしゅう crowd; gathering; assemblyしかばね dead bodyめぐって surround骨立こつりつせる emaciated; gaunt面影おもかげ face; countenanceおどろかされた were surprised; were shockedあるいはう some say that ...; according to some ...八人はちにん eight people; eight men刺客せっかく assassinsいた surrounded; circled; enclosed一人ひとり one (person) handおの axeうばいて snatch away; takeり kill using a blade; cut down二人ふたり two (people)たおした knocked down; toppled; subduedされども however; even then thoughエクストン Exton (name of the lead assassin)背後はいご back(side); rearくだせる bring down; unload onto一撃いちげき one blow; single blowうらみ ill will; enmityんで swallow; take inなれた died; breathed one's lastてん the heavensあおいで look up toあらずあらず not so断食だんじき fasting; refusing to eatみずからと of one's own volition; by one's own handいのち life root; source; originたたれた cut; severed帝王ていおう sovereign歴史れきし history悲惨ひさん tragedy; disaster; misfortune階下かいか downstairs一室いっしつ one roomオルター・ロリー Walter Raleigh (Sir Walter Raleigh; circa 1554–1618; writer, poet, soldier, politician, courtier, spy and explorer)幽囚ゆうしゅう imprisonmentさい occasion of万国史ばんこくし History of the World (published in 1614)そう draft; manuscriptしるした wrote; pennedつたえられて is said; is toldエリザしき Elizabethanはんズボン short pants; breechesきぬ silk靴下くつした socks; stockings膝頭ひざがしら kneecapむすんだ tied; fastened右足みぎあし right legひだり leftうえ top ofせて set on; rest onペン quill penさき tipかみ paperいた prodded; thrustくび head; neckかたむけて tilt; inclineかんがえて consider; think; ponder想像そうぞうしてた tried to imagine部屋へや roomこと出来できなかった was not able to