Sanshiro Study Guide 156

Practice text with full furigana




















Rough translation

"It's clouded up. It must be cold out."

"It's actually quite mild. There's no wind."

"Really?" She returned to her seat.

"Sasaki sent me to ..."

"I know." She cut him short. Sanshirō fell silent. Mineko continued. "How was the money lost?" she asked.

"It was lost at the horse track."

"Oh my," she replied, though she didn't look as surprised as she sounded. On the contrary, she was grinning. Then, after a short pause she added, "Impulsive, don't you think?"

Sanshirō didn't answer.

"They say that horses are even harder to read than people. You're the carefree type. If a person's heart were indexed, you still wouldn't trouble to read it."

"It wasn't me."

"Really? Who was it then?"


Mineko suddenly laughed. Sanshirō, too, felt the absurdity of it all.

"Then it's not really you who needs the money, is it? Seems silly."

"I'm the one who needs it."



"This is all quite strange."

"I don't have to borrow it, you know."


くもりました clouded up; became overcastさむい cold戸外そと outside存外ぞんがい surprisingly; unexpectedlyあたたかい warmかぜ windいながら say; replyせき seatかえってた came back (to)佐々木ささき Sasaki (Yojirō's family name)かね money三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)中途ちゅうとで in the middle; part wayだまった fell silentいた asked馬券ばけん horse (wagering) ticketった bought; purchasedおんな sheかお faceおどろいていない not showing surpriseわらって smile; grinわるい bad; no goodつけくわえた addedひと a personこころ heart; soul; feelings索引さくいんのついている be indexed; be parsedのんな carefree; happy-go-luckyきゅうに suddenlyわらいだした laughed入用いりよう necessary; neededばかばかしい silly; nonsensicalりなくってもいい don't have to borrow