Sanshiro Study Guide 157

Practice text with full furigana



「どういうわけで? でもあに承知しょうちしているんですもの」








Rough translation

"Why? It bothers you?"

"It's not that it bothers me. But I shouldn't borrow from you behind your brother's back."

"And why not? Anyway, my brother is aware of this."

"He is? Then I guess it's okay. -- On the other hand, I don't have to borrow it. If I wired home, I could have it within the week."

"If it bothers you so, I don't want to force it ..."

Mineko seemed suddenly detached, as though she'd left him and drifted away. Sanshirō wished he'd just borrowed the money, but now it was too late. He fixed his gaze on the candle holders. He was never one to curry favor. Mineko, for her part, remained distant and did not reengage. After a moment she rose again and looked through the window.

"It looks like the rain is holding off."

Sanshirō echoed her tone in his answer. "Looks like it's holding off."

"If it's not going to rain, I think I'll go out for a bit," she continued as she stood at the window. Sanshirō took this as a cue for him to go. It was not for his sake that she'd dressed in fine silk.

"I should be going," he said as he rose. Mineko accompanied him to the entry hall. As he stepped down to retrieve his shoes, Mineko asked from above if she could walk part way with him.

"Suit yourself," he replied.

Before he knew it she was down by the entrance. In stepping down, she drew her mouth to Sanshirō's ear and whispered, "Are you angry?" At that point, the maidservant came hurrying out to see them off.


あにいさん older brotherだまって without tellingりちゃ borrowくない not good; ill advisedあに older brother承知しょうちしている is aware; is in agreementうち homeって ask; request一週間いっしゅうかん one weekます come; arrive御迷惑ごめいわく trouble; bother美禰子みねこ Mineko (name)きゅうに suddenly冷淡れいたん cool; detachedいま now; the present一町いっちょう 1 chō (about 110 meters; about 120 yards)とおのいた became distant; backed away (from) feeling三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)おもった thought蝋燭立ろうそくたて candle holderて look at自分じぶんからすすんで of one's own accordおとこ manちかづいてない not come near; not come closerがった stood upまど window戸外そと outsideすかしてて look through to; peer through atりそう look to rain; look like rainおなじ same調子ちょうし tone (of voice)こたえた answeredわたし I; meよう go out (usually よう)ところ placeかえってくれ please go; please leave意味いみ meaning; nuance解釈かいしゃくした understood; took asひかる shine; be brightきぬ silk着換きがえた changed (clothes)玄関げんかん entry hallおくってた see a person (to); accompany a person (as far as)沓脱くつぬぎ platform for removing (or putting on) shoesりて descend; step down (to)くつ shoesうえ aboveましょう go outひも (shoe) lacesむすびながら tieおんな young lady和土たたき hard-packed (clay) floorりた descended; stepped down (to)みみ earくち mouthってきて bring to下女げじょ maidservantおくりに to see (someone) offた came out; appeared