Sanshiro Study Guide 163

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Rough translation

At this point, Haraguchi turned toward the dark portrait behind him. Nonomiya, all the while, was gazing blankly at this same work.

"What do you think of our Velázquez? Of course, it's a reproduction. And not a very good one, at that," he explained.

"Who did it?" asked Mineko.

"Mitsui. Mitsui's actually a talented painter. This isn't one of his better efforts." Haraguchi took several steps back and surveyed the work further. "The original was by a true master, at the peak of his art. Hard to imitate."

Haraguchi tilted his head. Sanshirō took note of his gesture.

"Have you seen the whole collection?" he asked Mineko. All of Haraguchi's words were directed toward Mineko.

"Not yet."

"What are your plans? How about breaking off and coming with us? I'll treat you to tea at Seiyōken. I have to stop there anyway to tend to some business. -- It's about a gathering. I need to consult with the manager, who's a friend of mine. -- Now would be the right time for tea. If we delay, then it'll be too late for tea and too early for dinner. How about it? Will you join us?"

Mineko looked at Sanshirō. Sanshirō seemed indifferent either way. Nonomiya remained where he was and expressed no interest.

"Since we're here, I think we should see the rest of the exhibition. Don't you think so?"

Sanshirō agreed.


原口はらぐち Haraguchi (name)とき time; momentくろい black; dark paintingほう directionいた turned (toward)野々宮ののみや Nonomiya (name)おなじ sameベラスケス Diego Velázquez (Spanish painter; 1599 - 1660)模写もしゃ copy; reproductionじょうでき well done; skillful説明せつめいする explainedう say; remark必要ひつよう need; necessityうつしになった copied; reproducedおんな woman; young ladyいた asked三井みつい Mitsui (name)感服かんぷくできない can't admire; can't applaudいち二歩にほ a couple of stepsた surveyed; looked at原画げんが the original (painting)技巧ぎこう technique; mastery極点きょくてん climax; pinnacleたっした accomplished; achievedひと person; personageくびげた tilted (his) head三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)画工がこう painter; artistはなしかける talk to; make conversation withちゃ leave; go out精養軒せいようけん Seiyōken (name of high-end Western-style restaurant)ちゃ teaかなければならない need to goかい gathering; partyこと concerning ...マネジャー manager相談そうだん discussion; consultation懇意こんい friendshipおとこ man; fellowいま now時分じぶん timeすこし a little; a bitおそし late晩餐デナー dinnerはやし early中途ちゅうとはんぱ halfway; half-bakedかお face; look; expressionったまま not moving from one's place関係かんけいしない not be engage; show no interestた came小川おがわ Ogawa (Sanshirō's family name)