Sanshiro Study Guide 165

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Rough translation

"What did you say back there?"

"Back where?" she asked in return.

"Back there. When I was standing in front of the other Venice."

She revealed her white teeth again, but she made no move to reply.

"If it wasn't of importance then you don't have to tell me."

"It wasn't of importance."

Sanshirō still seemed unconvinced. The time, on this overcast autumn day, was already past four. The light in the room was fading. Few visitors were about, and in this gallery it was just the two of them. Mineko moved away from the painting to face Sanshirō directly.

"It was Nonomiya. You know."

"Nonomiya ..."

"You know how it is."

Mineko's meaning hit Sanshirō all at once, like a big wave swamping his emotions. "You were teasing Nonomiya?"

"Why would I do that?"

Her tone was pure innocence. Sanshirō, suddenly unnerved, stepped away in silence. Mineko followed closely.

"I wasn't teasing you."

Sanshirō stopped again. He was tall enough to look down on Mineko.

"Let's drop it."

"Was it really so wrong?"

"Please, just drop it."

She diverted her gaze. They both walked toward the door. As they passed through, their shoulders brushed together. Sanshirō suddenly recalled the woman on the train. Brushing against Mineko evoked an acute sensation, as though from some dream.


なに whatった saidおんな woman; young ladyかえした asked in returnって standing (there)ベニス Veniceて look atとき time; occasionまっしろな pure white teethよう matter of importance三四郎さんしろう Sanshirō (name)へんな odd; peculiarかお (facial) expressionくもった cloudy; overcastあき autumn day四時よじ four (o'clock)した passed部屋へや room薄暗うすぐらくなってくる grow dim観覧人かんらんにん visitors; viewersすくない few別室べっしつ special room男女なんにょ二人ふたり couple; pair (male and female)かげ forms; figures paintingはなれて move away from真正面まっしょうめん right in front野々宮ののみや Nonomiya (name)美禰子みねこ Mineko (name)意味いみ meaning大波おおなみ large wave一度いちどに at once; in an instantむね bosom; heartひたした soaked; swamped愚弄ぐろうした teased; toyed with語気ごき tone; manner of speaking無邪気むじゃき innocence忽然こつぜんとして all of a sudden; in an instant勇気ゆうき courage; nerve無言むごんのまま without speaking; in silence三歩さんぽ several stepsうごきだした began to move; started awayついてた followed afterたかい tall (in stature)おとこ manうえ aboveわるい wrong戸口とぐち doorほう directionあるいてた walked towardる go out; exit (through)拍子ひょうし momentたがい mutualかた shouldersれた brushed (against each other)きゅうに suddenly汽車きしゃ (steam) trainわした rode togetherおもした recalled; rememberedにく body; fleshゆめ dreamうずく tingle; ache心持こころもち feeling